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Deep Nostalgia

Animate the faces in your family photos with an incredible technology. The tool has done over 106 m

AI is a Joke

Artificial intelligence: because sometimes even the smartest people need a good laugh.

Gen Z Translator

A fun AI project that converts any given text to Gen Z slang. The tool would be able to identify wor

AI Puzzles

The first-ever puzzles to be designed by Artificial Intelligence


Ever wanted to ask a question to a big thinker, artist or scientist? now is your chance.

Drayk It

Make AI Drake Songs About Anything! Gives you a shareable URL and the option to download your genera


Listen to what the future holds with Audio AskNow - Your ultimate AI-powered audio assistant.

Experience explosive growth with - the ultimate AI-powered solution for your business.


Master the game of chess with ChessGPT's unbeatable strategy and analysis.


Extrapolate allows users to upload a photo and see what they may look like in the future. It has alr


Convert Movie or Tv series names into emojis


The best cocktail recipes customized for you with AI


Humor is mankind's greatest blessing


Discover the warmth and comfort in every cup of Chai at