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"Write better, faster with Aiva - your AI-powered writing assistant."


Create a text to speech model of your voice. Try a live demo.

Eleven Labs

Future of Voice. The first platform for generating long-format speech in any voice and in any langua


Human and AI Generative Music For your video content, podcasts and apps

Murf AI

Go from text to speech with a versatile AI voice generator. AI enabled, real people's voices

Ad Auris

Create audio versions of articles you want to hear. Listen to them here and on platforms like Spotif

Ask My Book

Listen to the wisdom of books with Audio Ask My Book.


Generate text to speech with an AI voice generator

Ai Sofiya

Revolutionizing human-AI interaction with natural language processing.


Create videos from scripts or blog posts using realistic voices in 2 minutes! Transform blog article


Listen to knowledge, anytime, anywhere with Audio Article.

Transform the way you showcase your content with an AI-powered chatbot

AI powered text to voice generator


Use FakeYou to convert text to speech and say stuff with your favorite characters. Also get your own