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AI Lawyer

Personal AI lawyer at your fingertips

Oscar stories

Oscar Personal Bedtime Stories AI bedtime story generator for children


The all-in-one AI powered creator studio

AI Picasso

The AI understands the words entered by the user in the prompts and generates the art.

AI Pencil

Unleash your creativity with AI Pencil - where intelligence meets artistry!


Rev up your car-buying experience with Caroot - Your one-stop destination for hassle-free car shoppi


Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly’s new AI-powered desktop Windows app.

Green Screen AI

Change the backaround of any image with Al

Otter AI

Save time with Automated Meeting Notes


With ExamCram, students can convert any type of media, such as lectures or textbook passages, into p


Transform your photos into works of art with PicSo's AI-powered editing tools.

Pixelz AI

Create images in our Discord Server using the PixelzBot or add the bot to your own server!


Empower your financial future with Avanty - your all-in-one personal finance solution.


Meet, befriend, and create virtual characters. On a mission to bring gem-like virtual humans to life