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Unleash Your Writing Potential with PrompBase - Your Ultimate Writing Companion.

Code GPT

Code GPT is a VS Code Extension with excellent features like StackOverflow support, Explanation, Ref

Corrector App

Check your text with this online spell checker. Any mistakes you have made or grammar suggestions fo

NSFW Checker

Automated NSFW detection for safer online content moderation

Neural Canvas

Create your own AI-generated comic

Auto Backend

Streamline your development process with Auto Backend - the ultimate backend automation tool.

Duino Code Generator

Automatically generate code for any Arduino compatible board with a single click. Let AI do the hard

AI Pickup Lines

The website is designed for entertainment purposes and is not meant to be taken seriously. The pick-

Doctrina AI

Built on top of the powerful GPT-3 language model from OpenAI, this product is designed to help stud

Piano Genie

Unlock your inner virtuoso with Piano Genie - the AI-powered musical assistant that turns anyone int

AI is a Joke

Artificial intelligence: because sometimes even the smartest people need a good laugh.

Create AI wallpapers in seconds!


Build an AI chatbot trained on your data

Quickly generate custom output tailored to your repeated needs and share them with the world.

Unleash your creativity with Aigur Client - the fully typed, open-source library for generative AI p


AI-powered text analysis to identify potential plagiarism and paraphrasing across nearly every langu


Pixel­hunter — free AI image resizer for social media

AI Experiments

Collections are curated stories showcasing the best of experiments, tools, and resources on the site