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The goal of the project is to allow anyone online to quickly understand what kinds of images are possible for specific concepts with these diffusion models. We want to improve the models bby exposing what they can and cannot do. It is the largest online searchable database of stable diffusion generated images with a taxonomy for anyone to research. You can check it out here. We are not focused on large complex prompts like you can find at other places. With Diffusion Taxonomy, you can quickly find out if the model can represent a specific topic or find other concepts that are semantically related to use instead.
We have collected our own taxonomy of concepts that span different types of objects, tools, cars, clothes, mammals, birds, emotions, verbs, adjectives, and more. You can browse them all here. We created the taxonomy using a combination of wordnet, ImageNet, Open Image, government data, and our own classification. This is where the most work went and to be honest, is not something we are completely done with yet. Getting the right taxonomy is a combination of art and science. We don’t want to just classify every concept into a big tree, but we also want to make it easily searchable and usable. So we continue to refine this and add new classifications to the taxonomy. Currently, the taxonomy is made up of ~21000 concepts. We are adding many taxonomies as we speak.




Q Why this service?

This is life changing technology, the next generation of children will take these generative AI models for granted. Imagine custom video games, dynamic movies, custom ads, augmented reality sessions with anyone,etc. We are just seeing these innovations start to become prioritized. In order to help accelerate this future, we created this software to make it easy to use for anyone right now. We are constantly integrating the latest innovations to make sure you always have access to it.

Q Do you have an API?

Yes, we do! api reference.

Q Do you support companies?

Yes, we are working with a large group of customers now to deploy models at scale.

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