Addy is an A.I. email assistant that drafts your emails in seconds, with your preferred style and tone. Addy AI lets you choose from a variety of tones. Customize your emails to suit your needs.
Whether you need a formal tone for business correspondence or a friendly tone for personal emails. Addy AI can also learn from your writing style and respond according to the conversation’s context.




Q What is Addy AI?

Addy AI is an artificial intelligence-powered personal shopping assistant that helps users find and purchase products online. It uses machine learning algorithms to understand the user's preferences and provide personalized recommendations.

Q How does Addy AI work?

Addy AI works by integrating with various e-commerce platforms and using natural language processing to understand the user's requests. It then uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the user's preferences and search for relevant products. Addy AI can also track prices and notify the user when there is a price drop or when a product is back in stock.

Q Is Addy AI free to use?

Addy AI offers both free and paid plans. The free plan provides basic functionality, while the paid plan offers additional features such as price tracking and personalized recommendations. Pricing for the paid plan varies depending on the user's needs and the number of products they want to track.

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