AI Cards

Experience the future of creativity with AI-powered cards.


AI Cards is a unique set of cards designed to help individuals and teams generate creative ideas using artificial intelligence. Created by DesignStripe, AI Cards consist of 54 cards that provide prompts for brainstorming sessions, ideation exercises, and design thinking workshops.
Each card features a different AI-powered tool or concept, such as neural networks, natural language processing, or computer vision. The prompts on the cards are designed to inspire users to think creatively about how they can apply these technologies to their own projects and challenges.
AI Cards can be used in a variety of settings, from corporate innovation labs to classrooms, and are suitable for individuals of all skill levels. The cards are particularly useful for teams that want to leverage the power of AI in their work but are unsure of where to start.
Overall, AI Cards offer a fun and engaging way to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence and spark new ideas and insights.




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Thank you for supporting us from the very beginning! To show our gratitude, you will keep your early bird price for as long as you keep your current subscription. If you cancel and resubscribe, current prices will apply.

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You can! One of our illustration styles is available for free, with full customization capability. To access SVG export you'll need a paid plan though.

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