Unleash your creativity with Aigur Client - the fully typed, open-source library for generative AI pipelines.


Aigur Client is a library that allows users to compose and execute generative artificial intelligence pipelines in a fully typed manner. It is an open-source software released under the MIT license, meaning anyone can use and modify it.
While Aigur Client is supported by Aigur, a managed pipeline execution platform that provides user management, pipeline analytics, and more, it can also be used independently. Users can clone the repository for a quick start NextJs template or explore the examples available.
One of the examples provided by Aigur Client is the “Create an Image with your Voice” pipeline.




Q What type of license is Aigur Client released under?

Aigur Client is released under the MIT license.

Q What is the "Create an Image with your Voice" pipeline?

The "Create an Image with your Voice" pipeline uses AI to generate an image based on an audio recording of a prompt.

Q Is Aigur Client only compatible with Aigur?

No, Aigur Client can be used independently of Aigur.

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