Unleash your creativity with Autodraw - the AI-powered drawing tool that brings your ideas to life!


Autodraw is an AI tool that allows you to draw faster by guessing what object or shape you intend on drawing.




Q What is Autodraw?

Autodraw is a free web-based drawing tool developed by Google that uses machine learning algorithms to recognize doodles and suggest professional-looking alternatives. It is designed to help users create polished graphics and visual designs, even if they lack the artistic skills to do so on their own.

Q How does Autodraw work?

Autodraw uses a technology called "machine learning" to analyze the doodles and sketches created by users in real-time. The algorithm compares the input drawing to a vast database of pre-existing images and icons, and suggests a selection of relevant images that match the user's intent. Users can then choose the suggestion they like best and add it to their drawing.

Q What can I use Autodraw for?

Autodraw can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating diagrams, infographics, social media graphics, logos, and more. It is particularly useful for people who do not have extensive design skills but still need to create professional-looking visuals. Autodraw can be used for personal projects, as well as in a professional context, such as for marketing materials or presentations.

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