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Q What is an automaton?

An automaton is a mathematical model used to describe a system that can move through a sequence of states based on input, rules, or conditions. It can be either a finite state machine (FSM) or a pushdown automaton (PDA), depending on the type of input it accepts.

Q What is the difference between a deterministic and non-deterministic automaton?

A deterministic automaton (DFA) is a type of automaton that accepts a finite sequence of input symbols and moves deterministically from one state to another based on the input symbols. In contrast, a non-deterministic automaton (NFA) can move from one state to multiple states at the same time, based on the input symbol.

Q What are the practical applications of automata?

Automata have several practical applications in computer science, including language recognition, compiler design, regular expression matching, parsing, and pattern recognition. They are also used in the field of robotics, where they are used to model and control complex systems. Additionally, automata are used in the field of artificial intelligence, particularly in machine learning algorithms such as decision trees and neural networks.

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