Bright Eye

See clearly and comfortably with Bright Eye - your ultimate eye care companion.


Bright Eye is a multipurpose AI app that has multiple tools to satisfy your your interests in AI as a mobile user. Among its tools are art/image generation, code generation, essay and poem generation, and text extraction and image captioning.




Q What is Bright Eye?

Bright Eye is an iOS app that is designed to help users manage their screen time and reduce eye strain. It uses a blue light filter and a range of other features to make it easier for users to use their devices without experiencing eye fatigue.

Q How does Bright Eye work?

Bright Eye works by adjusting the color temperature of your device's display, reducing the amount of blue light emitted by the screen. This helps to reduce eye strain and improve sleep quality, especially when using your device in the evening or at night. In addition to the blue light filter, the app also offers features like screen dimming and reminders to take breaks from your device.

Q Is Bright Eye free to use?

The Bright Eye app is free to download and use, but some features may require a premium subscription. The premium subscription offers additional features such as customizable filter settings, automatic scheduling, and more. Users can choose to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis, with prices varying depending on the subscription plan and region.

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