At CodiumAI, we are redefining and automating Code Integrity, initially by building a dev tool that will enable busy devs to generate meaningful test suites interactively within their IDE. CodiumAI currently supports Python, and JS & TS support is coming soon.


Write tests faster
By analyzing your code, docstring, and comments, CodiumAI suggests tests as you type. All you have to do is add them to your suite.

Understand the effect of your code changes
CodiumAI maps your code’s behaviors, surfaces edge cases, and tags anything that looks suspicious. Then, it generates clear and meaningful unit tests that match how your code behaves.




Q Why don’t I just ask ChatGPT/Copilot to write my tests?

You can, but CodiumAI is not another fancy ‘Language-model-API in your IDE’, because - a. We’re pro at testing-domain prompting b. We parallelize and chain multiple prompts to create a unique variety of meaningful tests c. We efficiently gather broad code context for the prompts d. We let you interact on each test separately

Q When will I be able to start using CodiumAI?

You already can! Just download our VSCode extension and Pycharm plugin and get meaningful tests.

Q Is it free?

Yes, CodiumAI is free for individual developers, and we even plan to publish an open-source. In the future, we'll launch a paid plan for enterprises.

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