Harness the endless potential of AI. Supercharge your productivity with guidance and help writing. Features include dynamic templates, writing help, feedback revision and writeups. AI tool for product and project managers


Harness the endless potential of AI
Lets product managers create high-quality documents and save time with the help of AI.
Let the AI create drafts, give feedback, and create new documents based on existing PRDs.

Dynamic templates
Help product managers adhere to best practices. Create high-quality documents while adhering to industry standards and maintaining consistency. Get guidance across the product management process.

Writing help
Help streamline the writing process. Generate high-quality documentation that communicates complex ideas. Get support and flexibility to generate text in different ways.

Feedback & revision
Get feedback on your writing, with suggestions to make it clear, concise, and effective. Optimize your text for clarity and conciseness. Distill key insights from across a larger body of text.

Create new, high-quality documents based on your existing PRD. Stop writing executive summaries, help center articles, or marketing briefs by yourself. Let the AI assistant help you create a quick, high-quality draft that you can tweak.




Q What is Delibr?

Delibr is a collaborative tool designed for teams to create and organize their ideas, projects, and information in one place. It provides an intuitive interface where team members can work together to capture and refine ideas, as well as organize them into actionable tasks and projects.

Q What are the benefits of using Delibr?

Using Delibr can help teams improve their productivity and collaboration by streamlining their workflow and centralizing their information. Delibr provides a structured approach to idea generation and project planning, which can help teams stay focused and achieve their goals more efficiently. Additionally, Delibr's real-time collaboration features enable team members to work together seamlessly, even when they are not in the same physical location.

Q What features does Delibr offer?

Delibr offers a range of features to help teams organize their ideas and projects, including:

Idea capture and refinement tools
Project and task management tools
Real-time collaboration features
Integration with other productivity tools such as Trello and Asana
Mobile and desktop apps for easy access and use on-the-go.
Overall, Delibr provides a comprehensive suite of features to help teams work together more efficiently and effectively, and to achieve their goals with greater ease.

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