AI Powered EdTech SaaS enabling educators and learners to connect globally with remote education. Edaly brings the credibility and authenticity of online exams and test via live proctoring with smart AI algorithm. It also empower parents to explore their child potential talents and skills and uses AI to predict their optimal career path.


Are you tired of being limited by your location when it comes to education? With Edaly, you can break free from geographic barriers and access top-quality education from anywhere in the world. Our AI modules allows a secure, reliable & growth-centric solutions to both educators and students

Connects learners with the best education providers, regardless of location

No more long commutes or relocation costs

Join us and experience the power of remote learning with Edaly

Are you an educator looking to expand your reach and teach students globally? With Edaly, you can do just that without any of the payment hassles or administrative burdens that come with traditional teaching methods. Join us and experience the power of Edaly today.

Our innovative platform utilizes advanced AI technology to provide personalized learning experiences and adapt to your needs. Don’t let traditional education hold you back – join us and experience the future of education with Edaly today.

Are you a parent looking to support your child’s education and career aspirations? With Edaly’s AI feature, you can unlock their full potential and discover their strengths, ideal field of study, and IQ. Our comprehensive report provides insights into your child’s natural abilities and potential career paths, helping you to make informed decisions about their education and future. Don’t let your child’s potential go untapped, join us today

Edaly is revolutionizing the world of education with its all-in-one educational operating system. It provides everything educators and learners need to succeed in the digital age. Here are some amazing key aspects to choose Edaly

It’s built upon advance AI technologies

Offers personalized learning experiences for each student

Unleash their full potential and personal choices of subjects

Simplifies the administrative and logistical aspects of teaching




Q What types of applications can I build with Edaly?

Edaly is a versatile platform that can be used to build a wide range of business applications, such as inventory management systems, order tracking systems, customer relationship management systems, and more. The platform is highly customizable, allowing businesses to create tailored applications to meet their specific needs.

Q Do I need to have coding skills to use Edaly?

No, you do not need any coding skills to use Edaly. The platform is designed for no-code development, meaning that users can build applications using a drag-and-drop interface without any programming knowledge. This makes Edaly accessible to anyone, regardless of their technical background.

Q How does Edaly ensure the security of my data?

Edaly takes data security seriously and has implemented a range of measures to protect user data. The platform uses encryption to secure data transmission and storage, and all user data is stored on secure servers that are regularly backed up. Edaly also provides users with access control features, allowing them to manage who has access to their applications and data.

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