The only AI writer that integrates with your Mac. Works across applications.


Truly transformed the way I work
“As an Entrepreneur and product manager, I can say with confidence that Elephas is the single most powerful productivity tool I’ve ever added to my Mac. It has become an integral part of my workflow, from ideation to execution. This is literally having the power of GPT-3 baked into your OS. This is what Siri can only dream to be. Elephas has helped me to streamline my research process. I can ask it any question, and it will quickly find the answer for me. This is a huge time-saver, as I no longer have to type out my ideas.

Second, Elephas has helped me to improve the quality of my writing. I can ask it to proofread my work for me, and it will point out any errors or areas that need improvement. This has helped me to produce better-quality writing, and has saved me a lot of time in the editing process.

Overall, I highly recommend Elephas to anyone who is looking to increase their productivity. It has truly transformed the way I work, and has made me more efficient and effective in everything I do.”




Q How is it different from other AI tools?

It works on all of your Mac applications, working as a writing assistant, unlike other AI tools.

You use your own OpenAI keys, and you pay for what you use.

We don't store your data on our servers.

Q Is Elephas privacy-friendly?

We respect your privacy and will not store or analyze your text content. But the content will be sent to OpenAI for processing. Please review their privacy policy for more information.

Q Why do I need an OpenAI account?

Elephas uses your own OpenAI key. This gives maximum flexibility to use the full potential of GPT-3. No more monthly credits or limitations. It only takes a few minutes to setup an OpenAI account.

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