Ferret’s unparalleled AI app, combined with world class information, provides you with exclusive relationship intelligence that can help you avoid high-risk individuals and spot promising opportunities.


Artificial Intelligence + World Class Information = Relationship Intelligence
Stop leaving your reputation, investments, and security at risk.
Ferret’s cutting-edge relationship intelligence technology gives you total transparency into your personal & professional networks.

Ferret’s Exclusive Data:
News Archives
‍Unprecedented access to decades of news archives protected from ‘Reputation Management.’
White Collar Crime
‍Uncover insider trading, bank fraud, and public corruption—before you become the next victim.
Corporate Ownership
‍Gain full access to history of current and past global business interests.
Legal Records
‍Obtain civil and criminal court filings and actions.




Q What is Ferret?

Ferret is an AI application that empowers companies and individuals with real-time, unbiased relationship intelligence to help identify risks and embrace opportunities.

Leveraging diverse global data sources, community learning, and contact monitoring, Ferret provides curated information to help with due diligence on businesses and individuals, making transparency the new norm.

Q How does Ferret work?

Ferret is a search engine that goes deeper than typical websites. It accesses global news archives, criminal, corporate, and legal records, plus other unique data to deliver relationship intelligence.

Q What is "relationship intelligence?"

Relationship intelligence is data-driven insights about people, businesses, and their networks. It provides a deeper understanding that may impact relationship decisions. Ferret achieves this by analyzing and curating data about contacts and businesses who matter most to you. We leverage data, artificial intelligence, and community learning to provide new insights to our customers. These insights are supported by global negative and positive news, corporate information, identity verifications, criminal records, court records, judgements, and social connection data.

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