Forethought's AI platform automates and optimizes the entire support ticket lifecycle. Lowers support costs while providing top-tier service in every customer interaction.


Automate answers to common questions across any channel with generative AI.

Lower cost per ticket
Faster time to resolution
Happier customers

Instantly enrich cases with sentiment and intent, then prioritize and route based on urgency.

Faster response time
Fewer manual tasks

Harness the power of generative AI—powered by Large Language Models (LLMs) trained on your data—to ramp agents faster and empower them with relevant knowledge and suggested responses.

Faster response time

Use generative AI to recommend and optimize workflows, track performance and ROI, and instantly improve time to resolution and lower cost.

Measure ROI instantly
Identify and resolve gaps
Track performance in real time




Q What types of problems can AI solve in customer service?

AI for customer support is no longer limited to a bot experience. AI can be used for auto-routing issues to the right place for resolution, for finding the highest-priority tickets, or for removing spam from your queue. AI can also be used on the backend as well as on the frontend. At Forethought, we believe that your institutional knowledge is a treasure trove that you should be capitalizing on! AI can empower agents to surface better knowledge faster or to respond to email tickets using macros or articles. And AI can still work on your website to help customers self-serve.

Q If I want to deflect tickets, do I need to use a chatbot?

There are lots of ineffective chatbots in the world, some of which create a terrible customer experience. At Forethought, we will help you deflect tickets when needed and leverage self-service mechanisms as we see this as a valuable tool that can be helpful to customers and agents when done well.

If you are thinking about ways to leverage “deflection tools,” we should talk.

Q Can AI help answer customer questions, even if I’m a B2B company?

Maybe you’re thinking that AI only works for B2C organizations because you’re thinking of individual customers asking a bot the same questions again and again. These kinds of traditional bots struggle with B2B support issues because it is hard to configure them to cover the myriad of types of questions that people can ask. Additionally, B2B customer issues tend to evolve over time, and answers are sprinkled across knowledge bases, making it more difficult for a decision-tree-based bot to succeed long-term with B2B issues.

Forethought’s text-based approach is a strong choice for B2B organizations that are navigating all these different issues with content and question-type. Our AI understands the nuance of vocabulary used across other customers and their various complex queries. As a result, Forethought solves more questions without human intervention. If you have complex issues, Forethought is here to help.

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