Formula Generator

Free AI toolkit that helps you quickly generate excel formulas, VBA automation, regex, and SQL queries. You can also get answers to spreadsheet questions without leaving sheets. You can install their Google Sheets Add-On for free and use their Answer Bot to get answers to questions about spreadsheets, formulas, and more. Their intuitive interface allows you to generate formulas quickly.


Our intuitive interface allows you to quickly generate excel formulas by simply entering Text Instructions.

For example, try entering a description like

“Split the text in cell A2 where the “/” symbol appears into two columns”

and we will automatically generate a formula for the prompt.

It can get pretty frustrating when you spend time trying to nail a formula or a block of code and it still doesn’t work.

Let our Error Spotter feature help you out! You can now debug formulas and code for Excel and Google Sheets and commands for SQL too! You’re welcome

Also, if you don’t understand what your formulas mean or how to use them, our Explain Formula feature will help. Simply enter the formula as input to get an easy-to-understand explanation for it.
Our Generate Code feature gives you the option of choosing between Excel and Google Sheets so that you’ll never be stuck!
We also have a separate Generate SQL feature which requires only basic inputs like Table Name and Column Names to give you the perfect SQL code for your prompt!




Q How do I use Formula Generator?

To use our app, all you have to do is hit the “Try for Free” button (or click that link), which’ll lead you to the signup page. Once you’ve signed up you can access all the features!

Q What can I do with Formula Generator?

What can I do with Formula Generator?

You can do a ton of things with Formula Generator. Right now we have 7 really helpful features. These are Generate Formula, Explain Formula, Generate Code, AI Answers Bot (for all spreadsheet related queries), Generate SQL Code, Error Spotter and a Google Sheets Add-On. We’re always looking to add more! We’ve launched a new service for fine-tuned models that’ll help you get more industry-specific results! Also, stay tuned for a Dummy Data Generator.

If you wanna help us curate a fine-tuned model for you, fill out this form. Thanks!

Q So how do I install the Google Sheets Add-On?

That’s easy. You’ll have to create an account with us (refer to question 1) and once you do, you’ll find a special Access Key showing up at the top of your page. Our Google Sheets Add-On can be installed from Google Workspace. It’ll show up as a button on the side panel whenever you open a spreadsheet online. Enter your Access Key after clicking on the button and get started!

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