Genie AI

GenieAI is a web application that uses Artificial intelligence to generate titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnail ideas for your content.


MetaGenie is an innovative AI-powered platform that enables scientists and researchers to unlock the full potential of their microbiome data. Our platform provides users with advanced analytics and visualization tools to help them gain new insights into the complex relationships between microbiomes and human health. With a user-friendly interface and powerful algorithms, MetaGenie makes it easy to explore and analyze microbiome data, identify microbial communities, and uncover potential biomarkers for diseases and conditions.

Our platform utilizes advanced machine learning and statistical methods to analyze microbiome data from a wide range of sources, including gut, skin, and oral microbiomes. With our proprietary algorithms, users can perform differential abundance analysis, network analysis, and predictive modeling to gain a deeper understanding of the microbiome’s role in human health. MetaGenie is the perfect solution for researchers, clinicians, and biotech companies looking to unlock the full potential of microbiome data and accelerate the development of innovative therapies and treatments.




Q How do I generate metadata with MetaGenieAI?

To generate metadata with MetaGenieAI, you will need credits. Once you have credits, you can use the web app to generate titles, descriptions, and tags for your content.

Q What are credits?

Credits are used for the generation of metadata. Each generation of metadata is priced at 1 credit.

Q How many credits do I need to generate metadata?

You will need at least 1 credit to generate metadata with MetaGenieAI.

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