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Fantastical video generation Go beyond 2D. Create videos from text with AI.


Go beyond images. Generate motion. Genmo is a platform for creating and sharing interactive, immersive generative art. Go beyond 2D images on Genmo by creating videos, animations and more. We help you create media in the formats you need to tell your stories. Get started for free. What will you create?




Q How do I generate a video?

Click on the Generate button in the top right corner. Once on the create page, you will need to create an initial frame for the video. We support uploading images which can come from any number of text-to-image tools. You can also type a custom prompt into the text box and click Start. This will search a large database of pregenerated images with community prompts. If those images are not to your liking, click the "Create new image +" button on the left to generate a new image. Once you select an image, optionally customize video settings via the "Options" section then click "Turn it into a video".

Q I got a content warning. What does that mean?

Sometimes, images may contain content that is not appropriate for all audiences. Please keep generations safe for all ages. If you see a generation that may violate our terms of service, please rate it with the emoji button and emailing us at

Q I ran out of fuel. How do I get more? What is fuel?

Video generation is computationally expensive and requires GPUs. We are aggressively onboarding new users as we scale our infrastructure. To make sure everyone can generate, creating image and videos uses a small amount of fuel. If you have an exciting use case or are a content creator, post in the #fuel-and-waitlist channel of our Discord or send us an email at to request a higher fuel allocation.

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