Train like the best. Start training like pros and become the new esports star!


We believe that esport games aren’t just about shooting. There’s tactics, movement, economics, and dozens of other details that go unnoticed – those are the crucial details to get the W.

GGPredict’s mission is to educate players and help them improve every aspect of their game
In comparison to traditional sports, analysis in esport is very limited. GGPredict is changing that.

The AI Coach delivers training plans based on your progress. Your team role, ambitions, and skillset are all factored in when preparing your training. Our training exercises are designed by the best CS:GO coaches and athletes such as MICHU or kuben.




Q What is GGPredict and what is it used for?

GGPredict is a web-based application that provides users with a user-friendly interface to build and validate predictive models using R. It is primarily used in the field of data science to help users build and validate predictive models on large datasets. The tool is specifically designed for users who have a basic understanding of R programming language.

Q What types of predictive models can be built using GGPredict?

GGPredict supports the building of several types of predictive models, including linear regression models, logistic regression models, random forest models, and decision trees. The tool also allows users to build models using a combination of these techniques.

Q Can GGPredict be used on all types of datasets?

GGPredict can be used on a wide range of datasets, including datasets with numerical and categorical variables. However, it is important to note that the quality of the predictive model will depend on the quality of the dataset being used. It is recommended that users preprocess and clean their data prior to building models in GGPredict to ensure accurate and reliable results.

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