Know what your company knows, instantly. Glean next-generation AI searches across all your company's apps to help you find exactly what you need and discover the things you should know.


AI-powered workplace search.
Founded by former Google search engineers, Glean understands context, language, behavior, and relationships with others, to find personalized answers to your questions— instantly.
Vector search powered by deep learning-based LLMs enables semantic understanding of natural language queries.
Glean learns your company’s unique language and continuously trains to improve search performance. No need for manual fine-tuning.
The easiest way to find people as well as information.
Discover the things you should know about.
Glean reveals insights you never knew existed, and makes connections with the people who can help. So everyone is on the same page and can focus where they need to.
Stay connected, whether you’re in the office or remote.
A knowledge management treasure trove for new hires getting up to speed.
Identify the experts who can help you move faster.




Q What is Glean?

Glean is an AI-powered workplace search tool that helps users find personalized answers to their questions instantly.

Q How does Glean work?

Glean uses vector search powered by deep learning-based LLMs to understand natural language queries and provide semantic understanding of those queries. It learns a company's unique language and continuously trains to improve search performance without the need for manual fine-tuning.

Q Who founded Glean?

Glean was founded by former Google search engineers.

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