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We are an AI builder for the world’s most innovative eCommerce and online brands – a Zapier + Pinterest for Generative AI. With our low-code platform and strategic consulting, we simplify the complex world of AI.
Access the latest models from OpenAI, Stability, Google and more to bring your vision to life. Find, tweak and fork simple workflows to your own website or app. All from one billing account!




Q What is Gooey.AI?

Gooey.AI is a platform that offers a variety of AI-powered tools to help individuals and businesses create custom chatbots and virtual assistants without the need for coding or technical skills. The platform provides a drag-and-drop interface to make it easy to build and deploy conversational interfaces quickly.

Q What kind of chatbots can be built using Gooey.AI?

Gooey.AI offers a range of chatbot building options, including customer service chatbots, sales chatbots, and lead generation chatbots. The platform also provides templates for common use cases such as appointment scheduling, FAQs, and product recommendations, making it easy to get started.

Q Does Gooey.AI provide any analytics or reporting features?

Yes, Gooey.AI includes analytics and reporting features to help you understand how your chatbot is performing. The platform provides insights into user behavior, conversation flow, and engagement metrics. This information can be used to optimize your chatbot's performance and improve the user experience.

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