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Q What is Harmonai?

Harmonai is a non-profit organization that aims to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help accelerate the development of cures and treatments for rare diseases. The organization focuses on bringing together researchers, clinicians, and patient communities to collaborate and share data in order to develop more effective treatments for rare diseases.

Q How does Harmonai use AI and machine learning in its work?

Harmonai uses AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze large amounts of data from various sources, including patient data, genetic information, and scientific literature. By using these tools, Harmonai aims to identify patterns and insights that can help researchers develop new therapies and treatments for rare diseases.

Q How can patients and researchers get involved with Harmonai?

Patients and researchers can get involved with Harmonai by joining the organization's network and sharing their data and expertise. Patients can also participate in clinical trials and other research studies that are supported by Harmonai. Researchers can collaborate with Harmonai by contributing data and expertise to the organization's platform, and by using Harmonai's AI tools to analyze and interpret data.

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