Generate Insight and New Ideas using AI and Network Thinking


Generate Ideas and Insight using AI and Network Thinking.
InfraNodus combines text analysis, network visualization, and GPT-3 AI to help you study a discourse, enhance your reading, writing, and research workflows.
Get a summary overview of any text from multiple import sources, reveal the main topics and the relations between them, identify the patterns and gaps, discover the right questions to advance your thinking and research.Enhance your research and ideas with GPT-3 AI, text analysis, and network visualization. Get an overview of any discourse, discover hidden relations and blind spots.




Q What is Infranodus?

Infranodus is a software platform that uses natural language processing and graph visualization to help users analyze and visualize complex text data. It allows users to input text, create connections between words or phrases, and generate visual graphs that reveal patterns and insights in the data.

Q What kind of data can Infranodus analyze?

Infranodus can analyze any text data, including articles, documents, social media posts, and more. It can handle data in multiple languages and can be customized to fit specific use cases.

Q What are some practical applications of Infranodus?

Infranodus can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

Content analysis and organization
Trend analysis and prediction
Network analysis and mapping
Marketing research and customer segmentation
Scientific research and data exploration
Overall, Infranodus can help users gain a deeper understanding of their text data and make more informed decisions based on that understanding.

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