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Q What is is a digital platform that helps people quit smoking using artificial intelligence (AI) and personalized coaching. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to provide personalized support and guidance to users who are trying to quit smoking.

Q How does work? uses a combination of AI and human coaches to provide personalized support to users. The platform starts by gathering information about the user's smoking habits, motivations, and goals. Based on this information, creates a personalized quitting plan for the user, which includes daily tasks and reminders.

Throughout the quitting process, users can communicate with human coaches through the platform's messaging system. The coaches provide encouragement, answer questions, and offer advice to help users stay on track.

Q Is effective?

While there is no single solution that works for everyone, studies have shown that digital platforms like can be effective in helping people quit smoking. One study found that smokers who used a similar digital platform were twice as likely to quit smoking as those who used traditional smoking cessation methods like nicotine replacement therapy. However, the effectiveness of may vary depending on the individual user and their specific needs and circumstances.

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