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Lunit is a public company that develops medical AI software that helps conquer cancer. With cancer, survival is often determined by how early it is caught, and Lunit’s cancer screening AI helps doctors to detect it earlier. Lunit INSIGHT can detect abnormal radiological results with up to 97-99% accuracy on chest x-rays. Many of these abnormalities are invisible to the human eye and would be missed by doctors without Lunit’s help.

Lunit SCOPE uses AI to predict treatment responses to help doctors make well-informed decisions about how to treat a patient.




Q What is Lunit?

Lunit is a South Korean medical AI software company that develops AI-powered medical imaging diagnostics and analysis tools. Their solutions are designed to help healthcare providers improve patient outcomes and increase efficiency.

Q What kind of medical imaging solutions does Lunit offer?

Lunit offers a range of medical imaging solutions that use AI and deep learning technology to analyze images and detect abnormalities. Their solutions cover a variety of imaging modalities, including chest X-rays, mammography, and lung CT scans. Some of their products include Lunit INSIGHT CXR, Lunit INSIGHT MMG, and Lunit INSIGHT Lung CT.

Q How does Lunit's technology help healthcare providers?

Lunit's AI-powered solutions can help healthcare providers in a number of ways. By analyzing medical images and highlighting potential abnormalities, Lunit's technology can help radiologists and other healthcare professionals make more accurate diagnoses, potentially leading to better patient outcomes. Additionally, Lunit's technology can help providers increase efficiency and reduce costs by automating certain aspects of the diagnostic process.

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