The ad-free, private search engine"


NeevaAI provides authentic, real-time AI search. It combines the power of AI with a search stack to give you fast, accurate, and up-to-date results. And, it provides sources where the information was pulled from.




Q What is NeevaAI and what services does it offer?

NeevaAI is a search engine company that provides an ad-free, personalized search experience. The company's services include web search, email search, and news search. Its search engine uses advanced algorithms and machine learning technology to provide personalized results to each user based on their interests and preferences.

Q How is NeevaAI different from other search engines?

NeevaAI is unique in that it does not display ads, does not track user data, and does not sell user data to third parties. Its search results are also personalized to each user based on their interests and preferences, providing a more relevant and useful search experience. Additionally, the company is committed to protecting user privacy and providing transparent search results.

Q How does NeevaAI protect user privacy?

NeevaAI uses a variety of measures to protect user privacy, including not tracking or sharing user data, using encryption to secure user data, and providing transparent search results. The company also does not display ads, so users do not have to worry about their search results being influenced by advertisers. Additionally, NeevaAI is committed to being transparent about how it uses user data and has implemented strict data protection policies.

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