an AI-powered meeting assistant


AI meeting assistant transforming Google Meet into actions, tasks and follow-ups. Features include: Real-time transcription and one-click highlighting. AI summaries and meeting intelligence. Automated Follow-up.




Q What is is a platform that provides artificial intelligence-powered solutions for customer engagement and support. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to analyze customer conversations and provide personalized responses, automate customer support workflows, and provide insights to improve customer satisfaction.

Q How does work? integrates with customer support channels, such as chatbots, email, and social media, to collect and analyze customer conversations. Using machine learning algorithms, the platform can understand customer intent and provide personalized responses to customer inquiries. can also automate customer support workflows, such as ticket routing and escalation, to improve response times and customer satisfaction. The platform provides insights and analytics to help businesses track customer sentiment and identify areas for improvement.

Q What are the benefits of using can help businesses improve their customer engagement and support by providing personalized responses to customer inquiries, automating support workflows, and providing insights to improve customer satisfaction. The platform can help businesses save time and resources by automating repetitive tasks, such as ticket routing and escalation, and providing fast and accurate responses to customer inquiries. By improving customer satisfaction, businesses can increase customer loyalty and retention, which can lead to increased revenue and growth.

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