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Oscar Personal Bedtime Stories AI bedtime story generator for children


Oscar is a mobile app that allows users to generate personalised bedtime stories for kids with the help of AI. You can create unique and engaging stories that are tailored to your preferences. With Oscar, you can experience the thrill of reading a new story without having to spend hours searching for the perfect one.
Your child can even include their parents and friends in the story, making it a truly personalised experience. You can create a new story every story time and enjoy the fun with your child.
Oscar is easy to use and is perfect for busy parents who want to make bedtime a special time for their child. Download Oscar now and let the enchanting world of fairy tales make bedtime a special and memorable experience for your child.




Q Who is Oscar in Oscar stories?

Oscar is not a specific character or person in Oscar stories. Rather, "Oscar stories" is a term that refers to stories, books, or movies that have won or been nominated for an Academy Award, also known as an Oscar.

Q What makes a story an "Oscar story"?

To be considered for an Oscar, a story must be featured in a film that has been released theatrically in Los Angeles County for at least seven consecutive days. The film must also meet various eligibility requirements, such as being longer than 40 minutes and having a certain percentage of English dialogue.

Q What are some notable Oscar stories?

There have been many Oscar stories over the years, but some of the most famous include "The Godfather," "Schindler's List," "Forrest Gump," "The Silence of the Lambs," "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, and "The Shape of Water." These stories have won multiple Oscars and are widely regarded as some of the best films ever made.

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