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"Unleash the power of open source with OSS Insight - your ultimate guide to understanding and optimizing your OSS usage."


Data Explorer by OSS Insight is a GPT-powered querying tool for GitHub live data exploration. Simply ask your question in natural language, and Data Explore will generate SQL, query the data, and present the results visually.




Q What is OSS Insight and what does it do?

OSS Insight is a platform that provides insights into open source software components used in software development projects. It helps software development teams manage their use of open source software, including identifying potential security vulnerabilities, license compliance issues, and other risks.

Q How does OSS Insight work?

OSS Insight uses automated tools to scan and analyze open source components used in software projects, and then provides detailed reports on any potential security or compliance issues. It also provides recommendations on how to address these issues, such as upgrading to a more secure version of a component or ensuring proper license compliance.

Q What are the benefits of using OSS Insight?

Using OSS Insight can help software development teams ensure the security and compliance of their software projects, as well as improve overall development efficiency by providing insights into potential issues early on in the development process. It can also help organizations avoid costly legal or reputational issues by ensuring proper license compliance.

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