Localize videos beyond subtitling


Papercup translates videos with expressive AI voices, allowing any video to be watched in any language. With AI dubbing, localization is faster and more affordable, allowing content owners and creators to reach large audiences in days without stretching budgets. Use AI to dub your content into multiple different languages, just like our clients Bloomberg, Insider, Jamie Oliver, BBC and Sky News.




Q What is Papercup?

Papercup is a company that specializes in creating artificial intelligence (AI) powered voice technology. Their technology is designed to accurately translate and interpret spoken language, even when there are multiple speakers, accents, and background noise.

Q How does Papercup's technology work?

Papercup's technology uses a combination of deep learning algorithms and neural networks to analyze and understand spoken language. They train their models on large datasets of audio recordings with corresponding transcriptions to improve accuracy. Their technology can also adapt to individual speakers over time, improving its performance with continued use.

Q What applications does Papercup's technology have?

Papercup's technology has a wide range of applications, including in the fields of customer service, voice assistants, and media production. Their technology can be used to create more natural and human-like interactions with customers through chatbots or voice assistants. It can also be used in media production to accurately transcribe and subtitle audio content, making it accessible to a wider audience.

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